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Art, Craft and Design

Art, Craft & Design Curriculum Statement


Year 1 have been learning about artist Molly Haslund and her spiral art work in the Autumn Term

In the Autumn Term Year 2 have been looking at artists who collect objects to create their art. They became artists and collected their own objects and to create sculptures. They then sketched their objects.

In the Autumn Term Year 3 have been looking at the work of artists Heather Hansen, Laura McKendry and Edgar Degas. They discovered how to create drawings that capture a sense of performance using charcoal.

After finding out about London in Geography, Year 1 and 2 worked with artist Darrell Wakelam to create London Landmarks

Year 2 worked collaboratively to create a collage flag for King Charles III

Working with Darrel Wakelam our Artist

Visit these Art Galleries:

Year 1 Coronation art

Year 1 have designed crowns for King Charles |||. We researched that the King loves plants and gardens so we used our previous learning of flora and fauna to design a prefect crown for the king!

Year 1 Coronation crowns