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Makaton is a unique language programme that uses symbols, signs and speech to enable people to communicate. It supports the development of essential communication skills such as attention and listening, comprehension, memory, recall and organisation of language and expression.

Talking does not just involve speaking. Watch someone talking, they will not just be saying words but they will also be using hand movements or gestures, facial expression, eye contact and body language (posture and movement). All this is communication.

Makaton uses speech with signs (gestures) and symbols (pictures) to help people communicate. We also use facial expression, eye contact and body language to give as much information as possible


During the Autumn term we taught the children Makaton signs for daily routines and activities.




We learnt the signs for

Good morning, good afternoon, hello, goodbye, please, sorry, yes, no, stand up, sit down, sing, eat.


Packed lunch and dinner time



Playtime and home time



Help and more



Toilet and work


To sit, to listen, to look



To think, to share, to speak




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