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Year 5

Teachers: Miss Parker (Maternity Leave) Mr Spittle and Mr Griffiths


Teaching Assistants: Mrs Banks and Miss Nicholls

Curriculum Overview Year 5

Examples of our learning in Year 5

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Properties of Materials

This term Year 5 have been looking at properties of materials.

The children have been using a range of materials to make their own glue. They were given sugar, salt, flour, cornflour and bicarbonate of soda. They had to mix each material with water to see which one would make the best glue.

Film canister rockets!

There’s nothing like a little rocket science to add some excitement to the children's day!


Year 5 made their own mini rockets using film canisters. Once you add the water alka-seltzer tablet it starts to dissolve. This creates a gas call carbon dioxide. As the carbon dioxide is being released, it creates pressure inside the film canister. The more gas that is made, the more pressure builds up until the cap it blasted down and the rocket is blasted up.

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Properties of materials

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In Science Year 5 have been mixing different materials together to see if they can change back to their original state. We mixed bicarbonate of soda with vinegar to make a new materials (Carbon Dioxide)


This term Year 5 have been looking at foods from around the world.

During this topic, we designed a pizza box using purple mash then the children drew out their design.

This week they enjoyed making their own pizza, using a variety of toppings smiley

Animal Man


During Spring term, 5N visited Grace Academy to take part in the animal man experience.


They enjoyed seeing a variety of animals and some children were even brave enough to hold a snake!

World book week

During world book week, class 5N have been using vegetables around the home and making their favourite characters from a book.

Year 5 Poetry Slam

Class 5N had the opportunity to visit Grace Academy and take part in a poetry slam. 


During the workshop they created their own poems working in groups. The children learnt about similes and metaphors within poems.

Poetry Slam