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Vision and Values

Vision and Values

Our Christian vision is underpinned by our motto, values and mission. Through these we will:


  • Build strong caring RELATIONSHIPS, which are based on friendship, forgiveness and loving our neighbours as we would want them to love us;
  • Give our children the confidence and skills which will make them RESILIENT so that they can face the challenges of the everyday world and become outstanding citizens in our global community;
  • Encourage a culture of mutual RESPECT, that children might celebrate difference and diversity;
  • Provide a safe, nurturing and caring and RELATIONSHIP based community in which all can achieve excellence, inspire dreams and create successful futures;
  • Augment engagement with music and the arts to give our children skills and cultural capital that will enrich their lives;
  • Deliver high-quality RE which enables children to develop a critical understanding of the world’s religions; to celebrate the diversity of our community and recognise that we share a common life in Jesus Christ;
  • Have at our core collective worship that develops children’s understanding of the 4Rs and their spiritual awareness and understanding;
  • Give our children the confidence and courage that they can aspire, believe and achieve and be RESPONSIBLE for our future.


Our school values are the 4 Rs- Relationship, Responsibility, Resilience and Respect




School Values